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How to Start a Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria

Poultry business involves the raising of domestic birds such as chicken, geese, turkey and duck for their meat or eggs.

To start poultry farming business the following steps should be critically followed;

° Make a decision: You have to decide the breed of the bird you want to rear and the system of rearing you want. As in the case of chicken we have breeds like the layers (lays eggs), boilers (for slaughter/meat purpose) and the Cockerell.

° Draw a business plan : set goals on how you aim to maintain the poultry and keep up with revenue and expenditures

° Factors of production: to start a poultry business you need enough capital, labour and land. You need capital to purchase the equipments needed such as the Pen(poultry house),  Ration(feeds), medications etc. Then Labour to carry out daily activities on the poultry farm.

Location : where you want your site to be located and the environment of your location should be be considered too for the safety of your poultry birds.

The topography of the land must be considered too.

Erecting of your pen: pen is a poultry house. You should know where to face your pen. Your pen must not side north because when the sun rises it must not affect one side and leave other side.
Flooring : the floor of your pen must  be concrete floor. It must not be slippery and  it should not produce heat.

Also there must be ventilation, air should be able to go out and come in.

° Familiarise yourself with potential customers and consumers.
°Know the need of your environment and be able to meet up with the market need
°Ensure you keep daily records of your poultry farm to know your loss, gain, needs and things you have to fix.

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