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How to start Sachet water production business in Nigeria

Sachet water business in Nigeria have been in existence for as long as you can think but it is interesting to know that ‘pure water’ business as it is popularly referred to is still a lucrative business idea that sells very highly and yield tremendous result.


For some time to come, sachet water business will continue to make wave in Nigeria, not owing to shortage of water but because water intake for man is indispensable. We simply cant live without drinking water especially during our working hours, While waiting on a long traffic, at work place, or even a school.


Sachet water remains the immediate option in Nigeria whenever we are outside the comfort our homes.



Like i always say, feasibility test on any given business is pertinent and instrumental to the potential success of that business. It matters less the scale of the business; you must always plan ahead before going into any area of business. For this reason, you should consider where you want to station your production centre. After accessing this, it is now time to create a business plan which will match your budget. These include:



Your production station could be a rented site or the one you own. If you are planning to rent a big warehouse for the sachet water production, then your rental budget should be around N250 thousand – N1.5million a year. Note that this amount is subject to location.

On the other hand, if you wish to build your own production site, this implies that the cost of building a production complex will depend on your taste.

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Here, you can toggle between two options. You can choose to either to drill a bore hole which is most preferable and reliable. The other option is to partner with a water corporation. You should also consider buying a reservoir as backup and treatment of water to maintain quality.



All beverage business including sachet water will demand the producer to make it closer to the consumer through a retailer. In Nigeria and indeed other part of the world, Sachet water production is one of those business venture that you cannot thrive without a good transport system. You need a truck or a van. The level of production will determine the type of vehicle to go for.


Many aspiring entrepreneurs who are planning to venture into this business someday are often more interested in this area of production.  I’ll try my best to provide you with varieties of information to get you ready.

You can either buy the production machine here in Nigeria, or import it from around the world. Any decision you prefer will cost variably.


  • Buying sachet water machine in Nigeria

If you can locate a good and reliable outlet here in Nigeria, then i’ll suggest you go for it because this is the fastest way since all you have to do is pay the seller and move the machine to your production site.


However, the problem with buying a machine from a dealer in Nigeria is being able to locate an honest seller, once you can find an honesty machine dealer, you will be on the safer side.

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Cost of a new sachet water machine in Nigeria range between N600 thousand – N800 thousand while the fairly used one’s cost between N250 thousand – N450 thousand.



After you must have acquired all your equipments including other needed prerequisites, the next thing for you to do is mobilize people who will be your employee and contribute their human effort to the cause of the pure water production. You should always make sure you go for skilled or semi skilled employees especially the personnel who will be charged to take care of the managerial responsibilities; if you won’t be available to take that responsibility.



Here, i’m referring to those who you will need to supply you with the

Sachet water nylon (with your brand clearly printed on it). Also in this category may also include the technicians who will see to the fixing

of the sachet water machine whenever it develops a technical fault.


What this means is to have a reasonable amount of money ready for any unforeseen challenges that may arise in future as you proceed.



Marketing techniques for sachet water production business.

As noted previously, sachet water production business in Nigeria is not entirely new and is already saturated but this doesn’t justify the assumption that sachet the business doesn’t need any marketing effort. The demand is still tremendously high with much so income. Any smart business owner who is just going into the sachet water production, should take note of these concerns below

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  • Diligence is first and foremost. Create your brand before going into sachet water production. Your brand is what makes you stand out from your competitors.
  • Build a strong relationship your retailers. They are the firewall between your product and the consumer. Always source of incentives to reciprocate loyalty to your retailers.
  • Look for gaps left by your competitors and fill them. They are reports that certain sachet water producers are reducing the size of their sachet water. Increasing yours will attract consumers to patronize your brand.
  • Sustain the quality of your production carries as much importance to the aforementioned tips. Endeavor to always make your product up to standard.
  • Give your brand an attractive design. This involves the way you package your water with neat production environment.

A bag of sachet water containing 20 is sold at N100naira. This price is variable on location. As a producer, you may decided to package your product differently to attract consumers. Some of the methods include sachet, plastic, bottles, tanks and dispenser. Whichever method you



Micro filters and Cup filters

Over head tanks/Plastic storage water tanks

Industrial water filters.

Water borehole

Ultra Violet lights.

Automated form and seal machine water sachet machine.


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