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How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

Have you been searching for a very profitable business to do that requires a little amount of money to start, then you should consider exploring bulk SMS reselling.


Today, we will share with you the easy steps to establish a bulk SMS business and how you can start making reasonable profit  from it. At the end of this article, you should be confident of owning your bulk SMS portal through which your clients can register and pay for your services.


Certain features like Wider range and less charges make bulk SMS more appealing and desirable to business owners, social groups, religious organisations and companies. Although everybody may desire the bulk SMS service, only a few knows how to create and run the business.


With this you can start making  profit from operating this business to assist those who are ready to pay for the service to manage their time, or because are not able to go about it.

In this article, we will reveal to you a complete guide on how to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria and start making good money.


Firstly though, lets have a brief look at the feasibility of the business.


How Profitable is Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

According to research reports, the high turn-over and viability of bulk SMS business in Nigeria is related with the ever growing number of Mobile network users in the country.


In addition, businesses managers, advertisers and marketers are comfortable with the regular use of bulk SMS to reach both existing and prospective customers.

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You can choose to start a bulk SMS business as a reseller because operating as a wholesaler may require huge capital. Running a bulk SMS business as a wholesaler is something similar to being a network service provider, which involves a lot of money.


Religious organizations, such as churches, now use bulk SMS to deliver special messages and announce important events to their members. And aspirants for political offices now use bulk SMS during their pre-election campaigns to highlight their manifestos to voters. All of these, and many more drive home the fact that the demand for custom bulk SMS will remain on the high side for a long time.


Simple steps to start bulk SMS business.

Remember, as need for the use of bulk SMS increases, so is the chances of entrepreneurs to make profit from bulk SMS reselling.


 Register with a Bulk SMS Wholesaler

Your role here is simply trading custom SMS units. First step is for you to register with a custom SMS whole seller. Choose a suitable provider to suit your taste.


Buy Custom SMS Units 

Once you have completed the the registration process, you can now purchase of a specific volume of custom SMS units to get started. Depending largely on your budget, you can buy up to 10,000 units; once done, your account will be instantly funded by the number of bulk SMS units you bought. You can Check to confirm the selling rate of each unit in naira on your provider’s website.


Customize Your SMS Reselling platform

At first, your portal will look like to the website of your bulk SMS service provider. You need to personalize it with your domain name or logo and develop reasonable content to get your business off the Middleman’s web, and design your portal to suit your business interest. Here, it is useful you include your contact information to assist you create a link with your prospective customers.

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Promote Your Business: 

Similar to any other business in Nigeria, inefficiency in publicity will stop people from knowing about the existence of such a business.

As such, it is your responsibility to promote your bulk SMS business on different online and offline platforms to capture peoples’ attention and convince them to do business with you. You can easily create an active facebook page for your business or utilize other social media channels. Popular blogs can also help immensely.


  • Reach out to Potential Customers

At this stage you must have identified your potential clients, you should begin sending them email proposals to inform them on how bulk SMS can help their businesses grow. Your main target should be religious organisations, socio-political associations, social clubs, businesses etc whose membership base is large enough to profit your enterprise.


Experience indicates that it is reasonable and more profitable to target organisations with large membership, who are ready to pay good sums and offer sustainable patronage to your business. That properly done, you are set to make reasonable profit from your custom bulk SMS business.


Choose your Service Provider:

There are currently so much service providers to choose. You should make your choice according to their prices offers, instant response to issues, effectiveness of their support teams etc.







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