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How to start a freelancing business in Nigeria

Freelancing has been a reliable medium of income for smart Nigerian youths for as long as we can think. It is not a newly discovered aspect of business. The work of a freelancer is to provide as much services as he can deliver for his customers/clients and he or she is not necessarily committed to the clients on a permanent basis.

It is interesting to note that one can create a niche for themselves and develop a successful work life on freelancing here in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

One of many advantages of being a freelancer is that you are not entitled to any work within a stipulated time frame as in the case of other business or for only one client. You have the freedom to pick who to offer your services and when to change. You select your time and work at your own conveniences.


The world today has gone digital and extremely internet based. The need for freelancers cannot be overemphasized as jobs are scattered all over the place, the number of already established freelancers apparently doesn’t seem to be enough. There is no limitation for a freelancer. You can realistically earn more than an average civil servant out there by serving your expertise to both Nigerian sources and international sources. Making wealth from freelancing is largely in your hands as a freelancer.


Currently, there are list of skills that you can ply your trade online. We have made a list of such here to help you consider. This include Writing, Video editing, web designing, animation, programming, translation, accounting, graphic design, engineering design/drawing, architectural design, database management, customer support, business management, consulting, project management and many more.

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It is exciting because you can deliver just anything you can think of that can be delivered over the internet.

Sign up to a freelancing site to become a member
For you to begin your journey, you will simply need to visit and register on a number of sites where freelancers are needed. There is no need to worry as Registration on these sites is often free of charges. I will recommend Fiverr.com for you to start with, there are many other sites so just carry out your research diligently. You won’t regret if you take the step today.

Publish your Profile
After you must have completed your registration, you will be required to update your personal information as it showcases you skills and competence to your potential clients. The impression you sent out here is what attracts buyers and customers to you so pay attention to details.
Know the trend

It is important for you to observe the market trend, needs, offers and profits prior to going on board and sourcing for clients. Be equipped with the tastes of the clients at the time and be certain you have the requirement to satisfy their needs before you make a request.

Don’t think you can’t do it

In life, one can never realise their goals if they don’t start somewhere. Starting is vital! Don’t procrastinate. If you don’t begin today, you may never get anywhere and there is no perfect to begin. Just begin even if it means lowering you billings on services for now to build experience. You can adjust your pricing as time goes on. This is another trick to attract potential customers.

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Success Depends on You

Achieving Success in the business of freelancing as a freelancer depends largely on you as i have noted earlier in this article. If you are ready to work hard enough and deliver your job in time to keep your team of clients happy then you would have no problem making more than enough profit out of the business. Not only should your services be up to trend, meeting deadlines is of equal importance if not more. It is certainly one of those things that will put you ahead of others and convince both your existing and potential clients to keep their patronage with you.

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