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How to Start Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria

Fruit juice business in Nigeria can be compared in some measure with sachet water production business, it’s highly profitable if your manage to do it right. A lot of Nigerians prefer freshly squeezed juice without added coloring, flavors or preservatives, over juices made of artificial ingredients.

Since many people are going natural, starting a fresh juice business would not be a bad business idea.

The popular bottle drink among Nigerian University students; La Casera was initially sold at the rate of N40 per bottle before the implementation of the ban on importation of exotic canned fruit juice into Country. Immediately the ban was implemented, the price of La Casera went up from N40 to N70. Today, La Casera is sold for N100 as the retail price. I learnt from from a reliable source that the total cost of producing and distribution of one bottle of La Casera to reach the end consumer is just about N35.

Basic Needs in fruit juice production business

A little more capital is needed to set up a functional fruit juice production but i can tell you that it’s worth every penny of your investment. Also, the good news is that there is still provision to start small and explore new horizones.

Draw out your business plan

Your business plan is essential and should focus more on the your desired area or type of fruit juice you have chosen to produce and sell. Make your business plan as detailed and clear as possible.

Write out comprehensive details about the type of fruit juice you want to produce, including a 3 year operating expenses, 3 years profit projections, marketing and public relations strategies, analysis of competing fruit juice manufacturers; information about potential vendors and selling avenues.

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In any business, the difference is in the quality of your products. You can go with a completely different flavour to that which many Nigeirnas are already used to. A completely different variety of fruit juice will give you added advantage and win new customers for your brand with such an incentive to patronize your product.

Required Machinery For Fruit Juice Production

Below are some of the machines needed for fruit juice production.

Get the right equipment

To set yourself up for success, buy the right machine for your business. Fortunately, you don’t need a huge list of equipment for a cold pressed juice business. A commercial juicer, blender, a good food processor and a refrigerator will set you up to do virtually any type of juice, smoothie, and nut milk.

Figure out what type of bottles you want to use

Decide if you want to go with glass or plastic containers, and find a supplier.

Find a label supplier 

Get a professional printing house that can print labels for bottles.

Calculate your costs

Create juice recipes for your business, including flavours that are not common in super markets. A varied menu will give customers an incentive to patronise your business. For example, orange and pineapple juice are common flavours, but watermelon-apple and strawberry-carrot are not common.

Get approval

Contact NAFDAC and find out what permits you need to start the business. NAFDAC Approval is very fundamental, you must be registered print to engaging in the commercial production of any food, drugs, and beverages if you are in Nigeria. Visit NAFDAC after you have successfully setup your fruit juice production plant, produce few bottles and take it to them for final approval. You must commence this process well ahead of time.

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Secure venues to sell your juice

Options include popular a shopping mall, fitness centres, restaurants, and cafes, schools, events, etc.

As time goes on in the business, you can start selling your bottled juice in wholesale to grocery stores and super markets.

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