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How to start Garri production business in Nigeria

Garri is a popular commodity in Nigeria; its usefulness is very wide both in the domestic setting and Commercial Square. This underlines its productivity index within the local and international market.

Today, i will be taking you through the pros and cons of running a typical garri processing business in Nigeria. Firstly, i will suggest we take a brief look at what this commodity entails which makes it sell so effortlessly without any sign of a drop in demand over the years.

What is this commodity, Garri?

Garri is derived from cassava tubers. In appearance, it maintains a yellowish or sometimes white granular flour which also comes with flavour and could be sour or fermented naturally. Garri is commonly consumed in Nigeria and other African countries including overseas.

Garri is readily consumed on its own or can be dissolved in water with sugar and milk. It is eaten with different varieties of local and international delicacies including vegetable soup, Afang soup, groundnut soup, Egusi soup, Cat fish soup and many others.

Varieties of Garri in the Nigerian market

Many people prefer a particular type of garri over other varieties because of some benefits such as taste, method of production, uses, etc. Based on cultural values, some of these varieties are found sparsely in some part of the Country while there are more concentrated in other parts.

·        White Garri

This is a very popular variety of garri among Nigerians and other West African Countries. During production, it is kept to be fermented without palm oil for a few days. The raw material is then fried without the use of red oil.

·        Bendel Garri

This variety is commonly found in states such as Edo, Delta and most southern part of the country. The production method is closely similar to that involved in White garri but here palm oil is used to give it a yellowish coloration.

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·        Ijebu Garri:

The major difference in production here is that the time frame allowed for fermentation is longer than others. It takes about seven days.

Simple procedures for Production of Garri

The basic steps to be followed in making this commodity is relatively easy.

  • Harvest of Cassava
  • Peeling of harvested cassava
  • Washing of peeled cassava
  • Grinding of cassava
  • Squeezing/drying
  • Sieving of cassava
  • Frying of cassava in fire
  • Cooling of cassava
  • Sacking/bagging of cassava

Note that it is important to carefully wash your cassava tubers very well to get rid of impurities including sand and other unwanted elements.


Benefits of starting Garri Production business

  • It is not labour intensive at start
  • You can produce any type of Garri to satisfy the demand
  • The income is rapid production is not very stressful
  • It gives license for Cooperative or Small business
  • It is not capital intensive – you can expand as you grow.
  • You can produce and supply as a team



Site selection for cassava farming

For those entrepreneurs who wish to have their produce their own cassava, pick a site with a viable soil condition – loamy soil, and warm climatic condition is preferable. Cassava thrives most in these regions. Also take note of the climatic conditions the area to ensure is suitable for cassava cultivation. If these conditions are not in place, please reconsider.

Soil Improvement

You can raise the productivity index of your farm artificially through the addition of manure if the soil is not well enriched in nutrients. But it is always good to take into consideration of this prior to acquiring the site to avoid waste of money on fertilizers to sustain the productivity level.

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Choose the right variety

I personally consider this very vital for any potential success of your production. There are so many varieties of cassava and it is your responsibility to pick the right one to use for production. Choosing an ideal variety will bring about increase in yields, immune to bugs and insects which could leave your investment on the verge of a collapse. If you don’t know how to go about this, feel free to hire a crop scientist of any one with the experience to help you select the right variety for your production.

Calculate your cost of production

The same rule applies with any other business. The input you use to operate your cassava farming business is pivotal to the heights the business will reach overtime. A clear understanding of cost and potential expenses when starting the business will guide you significantly.

I have provided an estimate of what a standard garri processing business in Nigeria will look like:

  • Land Preparation : N30,000 the cost here could vary on negotiation
  • Fertilizer: N30,000
  • Cost of Land between N 800,000 – N1.5 m
  • Hammer Mill : N800,000
  • Hydraulic Press: N250,000
  • Fermentation Tank : N300,000
  • Cassava Stem Cuttings: N60,000
  • Extra costs to fund things like carriage bags, insecticides, farm maintenance and labour fees should be considered.

Remember, the estimated cost listed above may vary between overtime.

Perform a feasibility study

I know some people who happen to simply jump to start up a business with very little study to acquire the necessary knowledge of the pros and cons of their venture. Sadly, this is the reason behind many unsuccessful spell people witness in business barely few months after the start-up.

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As such, it is worthy of note that for one to be best placed to win and win all the way, questions should be asked. Look for those who have already been in the business long enough and ask them useful questions on how the business is operated, the risks, benefits and downside including expenses. This will go a long way to prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

Needed equipments for Local production of Garri

Harvesters, Peelers, Pots/Frypans, Dryers, Tripod, Turning Spoon, Washers, Graters and Chippers.

List of Machines/Equipment used for Garri production business

  • Aspirator, Blending Machine (Cone Blender)
  • Hammer Mill with 5mm Mesh Aperture
  • Semi-Auto Auger Filling Machine
  • Sieving Machine (1000 x 450 Micro Mesh Aperture)
  • Disc Mill
  • Gas Cookers
  • Granulator
  • Pressure Cookers
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Tank Dryer
  • Cassava Grating Machine (Hammer Mill)
  • Dewatering Machine (Hydraulic Press)
  • Heavy Duty Weighing Scale (Capacity 0-100kg)
  • Granulator (with 10mm Mesh Aperture)
  • Heat Sealing Machine (Industrial)


Marketing you processed Garri

Once your processed garri is ready, examples of places you can sell your commodity are listed below:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Local/Urban Market
  • Church/mosque for retreats and convention. And for Ramadan and Salah
  • Dormitories
  • Export to other places not much available
  • You can also market it in events like burial, wedding etc.


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