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How to start Ice cream business in Nigeria


Ice cream is a special food that is enjoyed by almost everyone, old and Young, rich or poor, especially children and women. Consumption level is increasingly high and cuts across all socio-economic and religious brackets. The flavour is appealing and the smooth texture and its high nutritive value makes it one unique delicacy. Its cooling and refreshing effect, especially during the dry season when heat and thirst are at their peak, makes it a product that is highly sought-after especially after meals.


The Ice Cream Market

The market for ice cream is universal and the demand doesn’t look to be coming down any soon. Secondary School children lick countless sticks per day during break and on their way home. Any interested person can produce and sell ice creams in candy bars, round plastic containers, cones, sticks and through the use of vending machines stationed strategically around or in the snack shops, supermarkets, schools and bus stops or even areas where there is a high concentration of residents or heavy pedestrian traffic.


Other popular venues to target your consumers are Hotels, restaurants, higher institutions, supermarkets, strategic joints and homes.


High quantity production of ice cream can also be supplied on contract to fast foods joints. The quantity consumed on daily basis doesn’t seem to drop anytime soon. Low-priced ice cream sticks are children’s  favourites and sales run into millions of Naira per anum.


The largest producers of ice cream in the world are based in France and the UK. Their only product is ice cream and their combined annual turnover runs into billions of dollars!

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Estimated Project Cost

The cost of establishing an ice cream plant will depend on the level of desired production. That will determine the expected plant capacity and cost. It is important to say that ice cream can be produced on a micro level solely for homes and on a large and small-scale for mass sale. On a small-scale basis, N750,000 is enough to establish a profitable ice cream business. This is made up of the cost of the following: preliminary expenses, machinery and equipment, space rental, utilities, working, capital and contingency.


Ice cream production has been proven to be a very financially rewarding business. The best way to make money in any business is the ability to identify your targeted customers and be able to reach out to them. Your targets for this kind of business include Having a stand in a busy location Very close to many schools Outdoor/catering for parties and events Special deliveries to homes and offices.


Machinery And Equipment

The essential equipment components are:

Weighing balances

Blending tank



Freezing unit


For anyone venturing into direct vending in strategically located points, automatic ice cream making machine is essential for each location. Production and vending are done right on the spot. All the relevant machinery can also be sourced from local companies that supply ice cream manufacturing equipment. Local fabricators who are experienced abound.



Raw Materials

The raw materials for ice cream production include milk, eggs, Cream, sugar, butter, water, flavour, food colorants, emulsion Stabilisers, chocolates etc. Most of these raw materials are available locally from many of the companies and importers dealing on food and beverage additives. Packaging could be in small plastic containers but generally it comes in 250ml, 500ml, and one-litre, two-litre, and four-litre containers.

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