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How to start pop corn business in Nigeria

You can never be wrong going into Popcorn business and there is no doubt it is a lucrative business that have uplifted the financial status of  many Nigerian youths, especially some of those fresh graduates student waiting to secure well paid jobs.

Surprisingly, some people tend to neglect this particular business because of the perceived low income generated from it but the secret is that it has high volume of sales as children and ladies can hardly stay a day without it.


Popcorn is considered as one of the popular snacks eaten in a cinema hall, club and other social gathering by young people just to keep the mouth busy when they are bored.


What You Need To Start Your Popcorn Business


Popcorn Machine – Known as popcorn maker. You will need bigger

popcorn machine since you will be producing in larger quantity. Look for nice one in the market and buy two or more depending on how many hands you need in the popcorn business. I will encourage you to employ hands in this business for effective production and distribution.


Get the type of popcorn frying machine that is normally used by

the eateries. Go for the type that produce salt and sugar popcorn at the same time; ET-POP6A-D or Funpop 8 oz, it is sold from N62,000. It’s bigger and process faster that the regular one. If your area doesn’t have electricity, buy the type of popcorn maker that uses gas cylinder and electricity so that you can switch to both power sources. Prices for popcorn maker starts from N20,000. Go to the seller and negotiate the price. If you have enough money, you can go for commercial type like the one pictured here. One of this will be able to pop all the corn you want in a day.

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Sealing Machine – Manual sealing machine cost N10,000 to N15,000 in the market, find out what the exact prices are and negotiate with the seller. Buy according to the number of workers you have — more hands, more machine, and more productions. The manual sealing machine is powered by electricity while you control the sealing manually. You simply position the popcorn filled nylon on the machine and pressed the ‘handle like’ controller on the nylon edge and it will be sealed by the hot rim. You will get better information on how to operate it from the accompanying literature!

Branded package  – Here is where the big deal is. To keep ahead of competitors in this business, your strongest selling point should be your brand. Make sure your package nylon is well branded. It’s not enough to just write your business name and phone number on the nylon, create attractive brand for your popcorn business. Take a clue from the eateries and see how their packages are professionally branded with good and quality designed pictures and graphics, complete with professional logo. That’s what sells in business — all popcorn are the same but your brand could make yours different in the eyes of consumers. It doesn’t cost much to get a professional branding for your business, employ a professional graphic designers to do it for you. Then use the design for all your nylons and other items like the popcorn wrappers if you are using wrapping papers.

Corn – Your major raw material in this business is corn. Buy enough bags of corn depending on the quantity you wants to produce. For corn to pop, There should be certain amount of moisture within the corn, so that when heated makes it pop from the inside out, when a corn don’t get popped from inside out, it’s called a dud, which means there was not enough moisture in that corn. Look for sweet corn that contain enough moisture.

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Sugar, Salt, Butter – You need sugar and salt and butter to make your popcorn taste great. These one are difficult to get, go to any shop near you and buy as much as you need. You may need to have additional training on how to mix the sugar, butter, and salt and the desired quantity. You will also need to learn how to pop the corn.

Marketing – Target the street hawkers, they sell the product faster and in large quantity. If you can get 10 hawkers, you will be sure of supplying them about 500 daily — that is 13,000 monthly. Talk to Supermarkets and shop owners, you will be surprised of the positive response you will get if your branding is attractive enough. The moment you have these requirements in place, you are good to go in your business and starts gaining handsomely.

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